Aug. 12 Tsunagary Cafe in English!! (Saturday Hangout)(Osaka) / 8/12(土)つながりカフェ in English (Saturday Hangout)(大阪)

“Tsunagary Cafe in English !! (Saturday Hangout)”
Hi! this is our 4th collaboration with Osaka LGBTQ* Meet Up!

As usual we will be hanging out in our headquarter (lol) cafe which is located near Sakai-suji Honmachi station.
People from all over the world who currently staying in Osaka are welcome to join this event which will be held in August 12th!
Main language will be English and Japanese.
Feel free to join and speak the language you’re comfortable with 😀

This is a safe place for all sexual orientations and gender identities, and there will be no space for harassment or intimidation of any kind.

Osaka LGBTQ* is an inclusive English-speaking community where all kinds of identities and abilities are respected and appreciated.
Tsunagary Cafe is a community for LGBTQ and Allies who want to live true to themselves with happiness.

Please enjoy the gathering!
Date and time: Saturday, Aug. 12, 10:00am-12:00pm
Place: At a cafe around Sakai-suji Honmachi area in Osaka
(We will inform the detail to participants)
Subject to join: All people who want to communicate in English
Expense: Your own expense on foods and drinks
Seating capacity: 20 people
Entry: Please fill out the form below.

“つながりカフェ in English (Saturday Hangout)”
つながりカフェとOsaka LGBTQ* Meet Upのコラボレーション、第4弾です。
「Osaka LGBTQ* Meet Up」は、あらゆる種類のアイデンティティと能力が尊重され評価される、英語を話す人のための包括的なコミュニティです。
英語でコミュニケーションしてみたいという気持ちが少しでもあれば、英語のレベルは気にしなくてもOKです(^ ^)
◎日 時◎
◎場 所◎


Registration Form / 参加申込フォーム

The email about details will be send instantly after your filling out the form.



“※” means required to answer. / ※は必須項目です。